Sara Parrilli is an artist and Waldorf arts teacher residing Columbia County, NY. Her background in handcrafts and visual arts began with her Waldorf school education where knitting is taught from the first grade onward and illustration is an integral a part of many classes. She holds a BA in Fashion Design, Specialization Knitwear, from the Fashion Institute of Technology (’04) in New York City. While at FIT, she attended a knitwear exchange program at Nottingham Trent University in England to further extend her knowledge of machine knitting and sweater design.

In 2014, Sara completed a two-year painting training based on the artistic indications of Rudolf Steiner at the Free Columbia Art Course in Philmont, NY. This led her to teaching, and having attended the Akion Waldorf Teacher Training in 2015-2017, she is now works as a middle and high school arts teacher and handwork assistant at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, in Ghent, NY.

In her “spare” time, Sara is a night-owl children’s book illustrator. She has illustrated two books, Through the Rainbow, written by Lou Harvey-Zahra and The Kingdom of Beautiful Colors, an adapted Isabel Wyatt fairy tale, both published by Floris Books. During the summer months, she can be found road-tripping and teaching out west. She also enjoys painting interior spaces and Waldorf classrooms using the watercolor “lazure” technique. When she’s not actually working she loves traveling, baking, cooking, knitting, sewing her own clothes, and spending time nature.


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