2 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Hi Sara,
    Your artwork is beautiful! Your paintings made my heart jump. My nephews went to Waldorf in Germany, so my sons had the chance to attend in the summers. They learned math by knitting. I’ve always admired the paintings in the school. Your work brings back very fond memories. Do you sell your paintings? I see that you teach. I am in California. Wish I could take your class.
    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Lilia,
      Thanks so much for you kind words! I very occasionally sell paintings spontaneously on Instagram. I’m pretty focused on teaching these days and less on making new work. So wonderful that your sons and nephews received a Waldorf influence of some kind. I teach full-time art the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, and during the summers work at an an in-house teacher training for adults.

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