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My Summer in Sketches

This past spring I completed my two-year painting training at the Free Columbia Art Course, in Philmont, NY. I knew that the summer ahead was going to be a busy one and that continuing my painting work would be challenging. But in an effort to maintain an artistic practice, I decided I would dedicate the spare moments of summertime to drawing in a sketchbook. The only rules were: draw often, draw from real life (not photos, ever!), and draw whatever is available, wherever I am. I have a particular goal in life to draw animals, as I find them or as they appear before me, and was honored to have shared those moments that I found with them. Not pictured are a pileated woodpecker, a few other birds, and a bear (only after he ran across the road). It is through drawing plants and animals in real life that I can form a deeper relationship to their being, with the hope of eventually bringing them to life in children’s book illustration.

Here are just a few (!) the results… CLICK on individual photos to view in their entirety.

2 thoughts on “My Summer in Sketches

  1. love these!

  2. this is great, so heartening Sara, and so beautiful.

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