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Round Bird Sewing Pattern

For your snow days and holiday enjoyment, a free sewing pattern!

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the image you want to download. The “merry-go-round” gallery will appear. Scroll down (depending on screen size you may not see the full page), look towards the bottom right-hand corner and click on “VIEW FULL SIZE.” A new tab will appear with the image. Click and drag to Desktop.

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HS Student Work – Art as a Daily Practice

I am teaching a remote HS arts elective entitled Art as a Daily Practice. The challenge is to commit to creating something every single day, but the exercise are generally pretty easy with some optional elements for those who want to take the work a bit further. We are now up to a Day 23 (with a few days off here and there) and the exercises have ranged broadly from qualitative (abstract) to observational (realistic). This is a selection of work mostly from Days 10 – 22, with a few earlier days from some who were catching up.

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Student Work – Grades 6 – 12

A selection of HVWS student work from late April through early May. The first ones in color are the final exercises from the senior portrait work. Our in-class self-portrait began with a single (now unfinished) canvas, and ended with a series for 4 lessons (one new study per week) done remotely at home (see earlier work in post below). Since our lives are currently a major abstraction from everyday life as we (used to) know it, I moved the self-portrait exercises towards the abstract in reflection of the times we are in.

Included below are some middle school tree bud and “creature” studies (animals and insects, alive or dead) for which you’ll find instructions for a few posts earlier. I’m currently teaching a HS arts elective, Art as a Daily Practice, with a mix of students from Grades 9-12. We began doing some gesture work inspired by one or two poems by David Whyte, and have covered a wide range of observational and abstract exercises inspired by nature and everyday objects.

At the every end you’ll see a selection of postcards I’ve painted for my Grades 2-5 classes, including some portraits of their beloved class teachers (also my beloved colleagues). Since we can’t see each other in person, I thought I would make some of the teachers visible to their students through the arts.