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Lesson 1 – Tree Bud Study

HVWS Grades 6 – 8 (or public drop-ins!)

***These exercises were written for my current students, assuming they have some background knowledge of how to begin. If you are new to drawing I will be sharing more detailed “how-to” videos via Instagram and possibly YouTube and will update them at the bottom of this post as soon as they are available.

***HVWS Parents, please allow students to work as independently as possible with the written exercise using their own capabilities, minimizing screen time and allowing a quiet, focused space for drawing.

This observational exercise is to be ongoing. The goal is to observe a single tree bud over the next few weeks. Students should complete two 20-minute drawings per week and they may do daily and/or longer drawings if they prefer. They should check on their buds daily and if they notice any changes, they should ideally make a new drawing or even a quick sketch between longer drawing sessions. Even if changes do not seem to occur, students should still make the required two drawings per week. If your buds die off or do not open, simply select a new branch. It’s fun to label the drawings, noting the days (Day 1, Day 5, etc) and students are welcome to make additional observations by writing notes either on the same page or elsewhere. Step 3 should be completed a minimum of twice per week. I may introduce additional exercises as we progress in our work from afar.

Please bear with me while I adjust to teaching in this way! If you have any general “how-to” questions that may also be helpful to others, I welcome you to write them in the comments below. For more specific inquiries regarding your child, you can send me a message via the Contact form on my website, or via the school website under Faculty. Depending on how we progress, I may add some special tabs for each grade. I am happy to send the below image as JPEG via email. I’m testing the lesson format here below for the first time and will edit accordingly.

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For “Public Drop-Ins” (non-HVWS students) visit INSTAGRAM: Click to watch a 5-min video on “Blind Contour Drawing” or an 8-min video on “Tree Bud Study” drawing.

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